Corra Games was founded out of the love of tabletop games.

Games are an invaluable tool for bringing people together. In this time of technologically induced isolation, tabletop games fill a crucial role.

Mission: Corra Games is dedicated to creating a variety of tabletop games for the range of player types. We believe that tabletop games offer a social aspect to gaming that is not found in other games, such as video and computer games.

Vision: Be one of the major players of tabletop industry, being recognized for the creativity and quality of our games.


– Integrity
– Respect and Ethics
– Teamwork
– Openness
– Excellence



A Message from the Founder

I have been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember, having learned chess by the age of 4 and never looking back. Many of my fondest memories are of my family playing tabletop games and of my friends and I playing games. Because of my strong gaming base, I can see the benefits and hence, I firmly believe that tabletop gaming brings people together and strengthens bonds.

I will assume if you are reading this you are already a gamer, but if not I cannot encourage you enough to get out there and try some games. If the number and variety of games is intimidating to you, I suggest watching Geek and Sundry on YouTube,  especially the program TableTop. It is entertaining and will surely give you some ideas of games you would like to play.