Adventures in Tahana Board Game

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Adventures in Tahana (or AiT) is PERFECT for introducing children, and non-gaming loved ones and friends to gaming and RPGs. It is an ideal game for the whole family, yet the variations of rules ensure that even the hard-core RPG groups can get into the game.

What better way is there to spend your time, than with your family and friends, except maybe, with your family and friends exploring dungeons and adventuring together. Adventures in Tahana is an exciting game that combines the quick pace of a board game with the ever expanding world of imagination that you find in pen and paper RPGs. Want to introduce so15419727_324845337901061_2133211927893253329_omeone to the joys of gaming? Want to breakout a board game that will bring the family together? Adventures in Tahana is your ticket.

Our Basic Game Box even comes with Kids’ Rules and 2 Kids’ Maps.

You play by moving through the adventure area, usually a dungeon, and fight monsters. Win and you get treasure. Some treasure may be usable and will help you in your combat. All treasure helps you win and the level of the treasure is the number of Treasure Points (TPs) they are worth. The standard game is to 20TPs. If you die, you drop your items and go back to the start. Oh, and many monsters can use the items too.

Adventures in Tahana is actually several games in one.

  • The Basic game is a fairly typical dungeon crawl board game, except it has optional rules, making it customizable. It even has KID FRIENDLY optional rules and special maps are included in the Basic Box.
  • The Advanced game has three parts.
    > The mid- and high- level adventures (champions and heroes levels) with more optional rules that can allow more conflict between the players.
    > Campaign rules that make the game more RPG like with leveling of characters and long term play with a single character.


You can use the pre-made characters or create your own.

The level of conflict is controllable by the players. In the Basic game you can compete indirectly, by trying to be the first to reach the victory conditions. In the advanced rules you can play more aggressive rules that allow direct conflict between characters in the form of stealing and mugging, or you could play the less aggressive joint effort and work together to defeat the adventures.

The Basic game comes with 12 maps (2 Starter maps, 2 Kids’ maps, and 8 regular maps). Other maps will be made available, and we will eventually release a Tile Expansion. (The Tile expansion is not at the start because single solid maps are more kid and starter friendly.). The maps will be laminated and have serial numbered map on each side. Like the Basic Box will come with B001- B008, SB01, SB02, KM01, and KM02. These serial numbers will be used for the free adventures (see next entry).
Through our newsletter, we will offer free adventures for maps and tiles. We will write stories and tell the players to use certain monsters and treasures and share them with our followers.

We will offer Ad15003437_309934056058856_5106950638616275294_oventure Modules for all levels (basic, mid, and high), where you get an adventure story, map(s), and cards. The cards in these modules will include unique and rare cards. NOTE: This is not like CCGs where you have to keep buying packs to find a rare card. An Example may be an Adventure Module, “Toppling the Goblin King”. The module would include the story, several maps, about 15 goblin cards and 10 treasure cards (that all would also have been in the original Basic Box too) and some elite goblin guard cards (rare cards only from this module – rare means more than one can be in a campaign, but they are not common), K’rath-naw the goblin king (a unique card only from here), and Urgol the Cruel the goblin-right hand man, er… goblin (also a unique card only in this module). There will also be 1 Goblin Slayer axe. This is a rare card (as the Dwarves made many of these axes in the Age of War – the Third Age) and is a Dwarven axe that is only +1, but +3 vs all goblin kin (InĀ  Tahana this includes Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, and Ogres…. I think i remembered them all).

AiT is set in a huge fantasy world with many unique monsters and beings. It has a vast history and many ages. SeveralĀ  guidebooks to the world of Tahana are planned for use in RPG campaigns.

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